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Monthly Contracts

Would you like to save $$$ on keeping your yard looking great. We now have montly contracts that combine all of our services.... Read More


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Combine and Save Big!

When you get your lawn mowed only once there's not much of a break in price that we can give you, but when you sign up for one of our monlthy packages we can combine the services and dramitically reduce your price. Every yard is different and your needs may not be the same as your neighbors. Call us today and we can schedule a time to come out and let you know the best plan to suit your needs and save you a ton of cash at the same time.

Here is an example of how you can save money..

Lets say your yard costs 50 dollars to mow and needs to be mowed 4 times in the month of August. That would normally cost a total of 4 X 50 = 200. Well if you were on a monthly plan we know ahead of time and can really drop that price so instead of paying the 200 you could save as much as 30 %. so the 200 would now be only $120 dollars.

Wait it gets even better. If your on a monthly contract you become a Gold member and this places you on a special list that gives you great discounts on the rest of our services. You can save up to 50% on the rest of our services like gutter cleaning, snow removal, leaf removal and even general yard work.

Call Today to Schedule your no obligation consultation and we will come to you and see what your needs are.

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